As I’ve been coming to terms with my Asperger’s and its effects, I’ve realized how much it affects my dealing with medical issues. It’s classified as a pervasive developmental disorder for a reason, it affects many areas of life –

  • Executive function – little things like planning, following plans / multi step instructions, making decisions, taking initiative
  • Alexithymia – not very “self-aware” or “in touch with my body”, and even when I realize what’s going on it’s not always easy to verbalize
  • Social and communication challenges

So yeah, getting medical treatment and following through with home care can be challenging. Especially since I’m on my own, plus almost all the (very helpful) outside structure in my life has been melting away ever since college.

Example, right now, dealing with CPAP – lots to research, which I’m generally good at, but then filtering what applies to me, and implementing it, is tough. Figuring out what problems I’m having with CPAP is hard…. the noise bothers me, just barely realized I’ve been swallowing air after months, etc. Then making appointments (especially when I have so little energy to begin with and the clinic doesn’t answer or call me back and I didn’t get much help last time), helping the doctor / clinician understand, etc etc.

Anyway, sorry, didn’t mean to just complain. But, any other Aspies or autists on this sub? Have you been able to deal with apnea / CPAP? And if so, HOW??? Thanks. 🙂

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