I was diagnosed with Severe sleep apnea (AHI 48) last week after two decades of horrible sleep, waking with severe day-long headaches basically every day, self-medicating…

I’ve been doing my best to get going with my BiPAP machine, reading everyone’s stories and feeling really inspired. I had a night the other night where I had zero SPO2 dips below 92% and, my lord, I woke up feeling downright effervescent. Every cell in my body was singing. Thanks so much to this community for existing, and for being so supportive.

But one thing that has been freaking me out is how few people seem to have SPO2 dips anything like the ones I experience regularly. I wear a Wellue O2 Ring every night now, and before the BiPAP arrived my “normal” frequent dip was usually to around 70% for 15-30 minutes at a time, and during my sleep test last week my “bad” dips got as low as 58% on my watchPAT. I know now, deep down, that this has been going on for most of my adult life, it all clicks.

I am reading about people saying they’re scared that they dip to 88% sometimes… and I’m not questioning that people should be scared, it’s so frightening… but does the strength of my constant O2 plunges mean that I’m seriously brain damaged from decades of this?

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