did anyone else feel like their life was over before being diagnosed?

my doctor just pre-diagnosed (not sure if that’s the right word for it) me with sleep apnea a few weeks ago.

i’ve always struggled with sleep. i used to have night terrors as a kid, sleep walked, both of which i grew out of luckily. now i have sleep paralysis episodes semi- frequently. the fatigue from the sleep paralysis and waking up constantly gasping for air, having numb limbs, and morning headaches, it’s just really taken it out of me.

i’m having panic attacks all the time. i don’t remember a time when i’ve woken up feeling rested, even when i do manage to sleep through the night. i feel out of it 24/7. i’m pretty young though and it just sucks. i’m not particularly overweight or anything and i do my best to exercise when i can, but nowadays i feel so depressed from the lack of sleep i barely can get our bed in the mornings.

i just booked my sleep study for mid june, which was the soonest availability they had. i just feel like in the past month or so somehow all of a sudden my health has gotten worse.

did anyone else feel this way before their sleep study/before starting treatment? i’m really hoping it will improve with treatment because right now i feel pretty hopeless.

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