I did two night of a home test. Results were “inconclusive” for sleep apnea. Showed 2.9 and 2.8 API

Doc has ordered a lab test now.

I know home tests can miss mild cases. According to my iwatch data, I had more deep sleep the two nights of my test than I have had in months 🤦‍♂️

I wake up tired. All day I can barely stay awake. I almost always take 1-2 hour naps. I get up once a night for the bathroom. I have mild night sweats. I’m told I snore (but live alone so hard to know how often). Once in a while I will wake myself with a snore. I don’t feel like I stop breathing? Iwatch (which I know isn’t the most reliable) says I only average 1 hour deep sleep a night and that’s been the case for six months or more.

Really want some relief. Doc said if it’s not sleep apnea it’s going to be very difficult to diagnose.

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