Yeah, I know it’s unlikely here … but maybe some of your parents? I’ve been using my good old reliable CPAP for just over ten years now, and it’s time for a new sleep study and a new machine. This is the first one since I’ve been covered through Medicare and I’m wondering what kind of hoops I’m going to have to go through to get what I want.

I’ve already been told I need a two-night study, one to determine whether I have sleep apnea (the fact that I was diagnosed with it over ten years ago apparently doesn’t convince them) and another night to titrate (again, the fact that I’ve been adjusting my own pressure levels for a couple of years now and have found my optimum sweet spot doesn’t count for anything.)

So, my questions: Will Medicare cover both tests completely, or will I be on the hook for some of the cost? Will Medicare allow me to choose the type of machine I want, or will I have to take whatever they give me? I know I have to pay something like 20 percent of the monthly rental charge, and I’m okay with that, but if the rental charge adds up to be thousands of dollars, will I be allowed to say no thank you and just go out and buy a $500-$700 machine on my own?

Anything else I’m not thinking of? My first study is scheduled for the beginning of next month and I’d like to have all my ducks in a row before I go there. And yes, I’m going to be talking to my Medicare customer service rep, if I can ever get him to return my messages. I’m just hoping someone here has some anecdotal experiences to tell me about.

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