My family decided to get cats, even though I’m allergic to them. As time went on my allergic reactions felt more and more intense. Using my CPAP became uncomfortable: the air pressure shoots cat allergens up my mouth, sinuses and respiratory system. Uncomfortable symptoms exacerbated insomnia, making it difficult to fall asleep in a timely manner and getting a full eight hour sleep. My sleep quality went down the drain.

I want to replace my machine. I have Kaiser health insurance and purchased a CPAP through Apria. Apria can’t replace it with the manufacture warranty. The warranty period is for two years and has expired. Kaiser replaces CPAPs every 5 years, I have three years to go until I qualify for an exchange.

Anyone know if there’s a work around? An Apria respiratory therapist said that they can replace out of warranty machines if the machine has a problem or is causing harm. Is that true. Have you tried that?

I’m trying to think of an out of the box solution. What if I return my CPAP to Apria, then get a prescription from my doc to get a new one. Will that work?

What would you do to get a new machine?

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