Dreamstation, f30, ahi 13, pressure 12

So, I take care of this elderly woman (stroke, missing part of brain, bed ridden, short term memory loss, etc), she was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year. After receiving the machine in december I’ve finally convinced her to use it every night by strapping her with a o2 monitor. Oxygen goes into the 60s when she’s asleep, drops per hour are around 25, I believe it’s osa (they said she opens her mouth so wide it’s blocking her airway). Mind you, she’s up to having this device now, she understands fully when she’s awake, but half asleep, annoyed, cranky old broad is a different story. If she doesn’t wear it all night she barely functions the next day, like today.

One of the issues is that I’ve had to sleep in her room every night to make sure she’s not taking the dang thing off. That tactic has been working so far, been able to go a few nights without hearing the dreadful hiss. But I need to move back to my bed, I miss my room. Was thinking about getting a different o2 monitor that might send alerts to my phone when her oxygen gets low, but I haven’t found any that with the strap around the wrist (needed so she doesn’t tear that off too). [Suggestions???]

On top of that concern, the other issue came up last night, she kept her mask on but turned off the machine at 3 am. Now, I’ve tried this thing out to better understand what I’m trying to get her to sleep with and holy heck, it was hard to breathe with the machine off. I didn’t notice this hiccup until 730.

I don’t know what to do. I think she was going for the ramp button, hit power, they’re right next to each other so it’d be an easy mistake. Are there any machines out there with the ramp and power buttons far apart and good for everyday use?

I’ve spoken to a few respiratory therapists and oddly no one has encountered a mentally disabled person needing a cpap…. like, come on. None? Everyone says she needs to learn to sleep with it, she has problems learning new things, she can’t be the only one.

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