So. After trying with the CPAP and failing for months (I did get to a point where I was removing it after about 90 minutes) however now despite no apparent changes I’m taking it off minutes after falling asleep. (Checked for leaks et. Al.)

While keeping my options open with the CPAP I’ve been pushing the surgery route, I finally got a consult for MMA surgery and this surgeon is probably the most professional practitioner I’ve dealt with in this process. For the first time it seems like someone actually wants to fix me. However his plan for treatment while comprehensive is long probably painful – so I figured I’d see if anyone else had the same thing.

After arranging a CT scan he has reviewed the results and mentioned that I have an extremely long soft palate. He said in order to have the best shot at a cure I should go for UPPP, have 2 premolars removed along with my wisdom teeth, have braces fitted, wait until the gap in my teeth closes, then push on with the MMA.

I was wondering if anyone has been through anything similar, if so how did it work out for you?

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