I’m going to give you guys a background to my apnea. I am 24 years old and was diagnosed 3 years ago. I had no idea I had sleep apnea until then. According to the sleep study, I had a severe case; one point I stopped breathing about 40-50 times in a minute and my longest episode lasted about 55 seconds. It really affected my mood and my performance in college. I was known as the guy that was late for everything.

I was given a cpap and I really tried to use it but i would always wake up disappointed because the mask would be laying next to me; I would always take it off in my sleep unconsciously. I probably only had maybe 5 good night sleep with the cpap ever and that was probably cause I was stoned. I eventually gave up and the past two years I haven’t used my cpap.

After playing around with my nose one day. I realized when I push it in a certain position, I feel a weird “click” and I breathe MUCH better. After extensive research I came to realize I have deviated septum… my ENT never even mentioned or pointed that out…

Last night I tried a breath right nose strip… and good god I swear I had amazing sleep. I woke up feeling like I did the first time I ever slept 8 hours with my cpap! Now idk if this is a placebo, but the strip actually does hold my nose in the best position so that it’s “in place” and I really do feel like a hundred bucks right now.

What do you guys suggest after reading this? I’m open to all suggestions, comments or advice. I am starting back school this semester and I really need to get good sleep.

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