I’m getting a bit confused by my at-home sleep study results based off information online. Took an at-home test as I previously was having sleeping issues (waking up gasping for air, heart racing, etc.) and due for an in-person test, but COVID hit.

My AHI says .8 per hour, and my RDI was 13.7 per hour. Read previously that anything below 5 for AHI is considered normal, but Lofta’s doctor said I have mild obstructive sleep apnea. The lowest my oxygen dropped to was 92% at one point, but averaged 96.

I made an appointment with a sleep specialist just to verify what is being recommended. Might take a while to hear back though with everything going on in the healthcare system. But looking for some information in the interim:

  1. Is the AHI number typically mentioned based on per hour or per the entire night? Same with RDI. The Lofta test makes it look like I’m way down on the totem for AHI with their visualizations.

  2. Has anyone else here had similar results and had a different result with an in-person study?

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