I recently lost my health insurance with my job. Prior to all of the elective procedures being put on hold, I was going through the process to see a doctor to see what surgical treatments for sleep apnea would work best for me. I plan to keep pursuing this option once I have health care again. However, in the interim, I was wondering what other options I could use to treat my sleep apnea at home. I have a CPAP but i don’t find that it works very well. Despite me trying 9 different masks (and 6-9 months of use), I never got one that consistently worked. None quite fit my face right and I developed a rash wearing the one that fit the best. Due to that and it’s lack of reliability, I rarely use it. I’ve found that stacking my pillows on top of each other to elevate my head works pretty well. I’ve been dreaming more than I have in a long time. I guess the point of this post is to ask if anyone in this subreddit has had some success with some at-home treatments for sleep apnea or any tricks/methods they’ve devised/been prescribed. I’d love to be able to try out new methods to try and abate some of the symptoms of sleep apnea (daytime tiredness, foggy head) which have recently re-emerged, despite my high frequency of dreams. Thanks everyone!

Tl;dr: CPAP doesn’t work too well for me. Until I can get an appointment to get surgical treatment for sleep apnea, I’d like to try to improve my quality of sleep through any methods that folks on this subreddit might have found helped them.

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