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At my wits end – iDunmed

Hi all. Been reading some of your posts/advice/stories and I thought I’d share mine.

I’m into my 13th month of trying to figure out how to fix my sleeping/breathing issue. I’ve been experiencing fatigue, fogginess, increased anxiety and depression, etc starting Feb of 2019. In March, I hooked back up with an ex who noticed that I was snoring in my sleep (she hadn’t noticed it before when we dated up until the previous summer). She took a video of me snoring and i was choking/struggling to breath. It appeared to be apnea.

Because of my age (late 30s) I was made to wait two month before the initial consultation (down from the initial 5 month wait) and then another month before the sleep study. The pulmonologist I saw was basically a snake oil salesman with a medical degree and diagnosed me with sleep apnea after looking at my result for about nine seconds (I kid you not.)

I used the CPAP (full face mask) for two months and it didn’t make a dent. I switched to a different sleep study center but in the meantime I lost my job and insurance and then basically gave up.

I decided to pick things back up this past January. Started with the cpap machine again mid-Feb and have been using it almost every night for two month. Again, there’s no difference. A second sleep study showed no apnea but showed that I only got 15 min of REM sleep in four hours of being unconscious. The “sleep study specialist” (medical physician) called me with my results in terms of what they meant for my insurance but didn’t interpret the results, you know, as a fucking doctor. I now have a third and fourth sleep study scheduled. I’m starting to wonder if I even have the typical apnea. And if I don’t – how do I find out what is ACTUALLY IS?

My life has fallen apart. I don’t understand why I can’t find somewhere (a doctor) what will collaborate and use critical thought in diagnosing my problem. If anyone has any advice or can point me in the right direction, I really need it. Let me know if I left out any details. I’m 39, 6’, slim. No serious health problems besides this.

I’m suicidal. Just needed to vent. Trying to stay positive. Hope everyone is staying safe during the ‘Quar’.

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