I had sleep issues for a couple of years before it finally clicked and I consulted with a doctor last year. I got a sleep study and was diagnosed with apnea, AHI was above 30 in the study. I got an APAP machine, and after many weeks of acclimatization and a couple of mask changes, I was finally able to reach a stage where I could sleep the whole night on the machine with the mask on. I’m currently on a Philips Dreamstation and a DreamWear nasal pillow mask. My sleep quality has improved about 75%, and I don’t feel as tired during the day as I used to. But even though the data from the machine shows <5 AHI every night, I’d still wake up 2-3 times during the night, and I’d feel some fatigue most days. I soon realized the AHI data seemed to have no correlation with my sleep quality. Question 1: if my AHI is so low, why is sleep quality still bad?

I have been obese all my life, and in August this year I started an intermittent fasting program combined with lower carb intake. I’ve been able to lose 25 pounds since then. I expected this would result in better sleep, but it has actually gotten worse. Ever since I started losing weight in Aug, I wake up 7-10 times EVERY night, and feel more fatigued the next day. The fatigue level varies each day. Machine data shows AHI is still <5. I’ve found that if I eat more carbs at night my sleep is a bit better, but then my weight loss stops. Question 2: does intermittent fasting or lower carb intake cause sleep issues even with CPAP usage?

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