I’ve been treated for sleep apnea for over 6 years now. Started out with CSA diagnosis then it turned into mixed then just OSA.

The last two years have been awful. Feeling like I’m be suffocated by my machine and not able to use it at all. Recently I given a bipap and super high pressures. Hoping that would fix it. I’ve had almost weekly calls with my doctor for the last 3 months trying to get it to work. Then yesterday he looks at my history and asked why I was initially diagnosed for CSA. I gave him a brief rundown of everything and he said that the bipap has probably been making it worse and we need to rethink it. Put me back on oxygen and low pressure on a normal cpap setting and I magically slept the whole night and only had an AHI of 1.3! Much different than the AHI of 63 I was getting with the bipap. He is thinking about prescribing me an ASV machine if we can’t get these current settings to work. But it seems like I am FINALLY on my way to being rested.

Sorry. Had to vent a little to people who would understand.

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