Something to keep in mind. Some of us don’t get along with CPAP, or get “residual” insomnia (due to untreated RERAs)

Also, very poignant:

If you appreciate this approach to care, then you need to develop a great deal of sensitivity when you attempt to start PAP therapy on a PTSD or other anxiety patient. If you force CPAP on such a patient, they will not only reject it, but they will engage in classic avoidance behavior and drop out of care for months or years or longer. In my view, we have unintentionally traumatized the patient with CPAP, causing them both short-term and long-term harm. Regrettably, this model of care approaches a medical malpractice scenario, because the provider offered the patient no other PAP modes at the get-go to rescue the patient from experiencing the phenomenon of “drowning in air.”

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