Hello, Reddit. Early in August I started having issues waking frequently in the middle of the night, feeling anxious and short of breath. I began a slow journey through the medical system, during which my symptoms mostly leveled out. I was actually feeling almost normal again when I finally got a sleep study scheduled, which measured an AHI of 90, well into the “severe” category of sleep apnea. I finally got my CPAP home on the 16th and, after meddling with it a bit, started using it at least 5 hours every night on the 19th.

According to the machine my AHI almost immediately went to around 3-6, depending on the night, and I thankfully don’t seem to have any of the issues other people seem to struggle with – no mask discomfort or dry mouth or anything. From my own perspective, I seem to be sleeping well too – I never have issues falling asleep, don’t seem to toss and turn too much, and don’t wake up at night more than I did back before my symptoms started.

Unfortunately I’m finding I’m now having bouts of anxiety during the day, and am often way more tired than someone who definitely slept soundly for 7-8 hours should be. Right now I think (and hope really hard) that this is all a side effect of me going from severe sleep apnea (which I presumably have had most of my life) to normal sleep for the first time. Has anyone else had experiences with CPAP therapy seeming to do the opposite of what it’s supposed to?

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