So, after several weeks of dragging their feet, my doctor’s office called me today to say “this guy named Larry is going to call you and arrange to send you your machine.” I said “what? I don’t even know what machine this is and I don’t know if I want to buy it from ‘Larry?'” So I got them to email me a prescription and my results and, after Googling Larry’s company, it looks like a total sleaze fest. People reporting that the company doesn’t’ answer phone calls, sends people to bill collection for no reason, hangs up on people, etc.

I don’t want to deal with Larry and I hope he doesn’t send me the machine without my permission. But who should I deal with? The prescription I got is specifically for a “Resmed Airsense S10 Auto” so I assume that’s all I can get. I’m happy to pay for this without the insurance to avoid having my insurance company keeping a dossier on my sleep patterns.

Where should I go to get this from a company I can rely on?

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