I’ve been diagnosed with mild central sleep apnea (really a mix of both obstructive and central, but over 60% central). I have been EXHAUSTED most of my life, so I’m thinking this has been a thing for awhile, and am hopeful treatment will help. I’m wondering:

1.) what is the best device for central apnea? I’ve seen comments about a Bipap and ASV – what is the difference? I’ve tried the cpap and it didn’t seem to work well, on top of struggling to fall asleep with the pressured exhale…

2.) is there a device that is the least invasive? I also have insomnia (seemingly separate to the sleep apnea), and will wake up due to the slightest noise of movement. I’ll need a device that doesn’t keep me awake.

3.) Are there specific places online where you can rent a device before buying? I’m paying for this out of pocket (haven’t met my super high deductible for the year..), so it would be a bummer to buy if it didn’t work for me

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