Hey all,

The first thing I want to say is that I am in no way affiliated with Bleep or any cpap shop or anything like that. This is just one guy’s honest opinion.

I was diagnosed with severe OSA almost 2 years ago. AHI was 99.4, and oxygen saturation down to the 50s.

I needed a bilevel machine with like 22 ipap and 16 epap. That’s 22 inhale and 16 exhale.

I have tried many masks and it seems like a good portion of masks aren’t so good at high pressure. I couldn’t wear a full face without my cheeks balloon, and I have a beard, and I just general wasn’t comfortable in a full face, so I stuck to nasal masks.

I tried a bunch of different masks, and they all had their own problems. I couldn’t find one I really loved or even liked.

Then someone told me about Bleep. Bleep is a maskless solution. It has nasal ports that just rest on your nose holes instead of inside like pillow masks. And they they’re attached to a sticker type thing that you adhere to your nose. The sticker sticks well, but peels off super easy. This system just about guarantees no mask leaks ever if you apply them right. And there are no straps or anything. It’s honestly amazing. I’m so glad I found out about this.

If you are having issues with masks, I highly encourage you to check out bleep.


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