I’m trying to self diagnose some issues I have been having. Mainly ED, Low engegy, day time sleepiness… I got my blood work done and Test: 370ng/dl and 12ng/dl Total and Free, E2 was 12ng/dl… so a doc put me on HCG injections to boost hormones… I started thnking its weird a healthy male 33 yo 210lbs can run a 5:50 mile would be having ED and to keep searching. This issue presented itself when I moved from sea level to 6700ftasl which made me think oxygen. I’ve been using the snorelab app and got the O2 ring… I snore sometimes but have never heard myself stop breathing or snort etc.. although there are many times when Im quiet. One thing I do notice is when I’m working my levels will hover between 97-98% oxygenated and when I sleep they will drop to 93% and have periodic drops to the 90% range. The app tracks drops below 90, but I cant help but think being 5-8% lower than my awake state my be affecting my sleep quality over time. Im reading Tess Grahams book regarding breath retraining and resetting your bodies CO2 point but nearing the end it doesn’t seem I’m having a lot of the issues she suggests… what does everyone think about my O2 levels and has anyone had experience with symptom relief from levels changing in that range?

Thanks for any input.

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