Hi everyone 👋

I joined r/sleep about a month ago and thought I’d make myself available here as well.

I’m really excited this subreddit exists. Happy to see a community surrounding Sleep Apnea awareness and resources. Many of my patients have Sleep Apnea and have been prescribed CPAP therapy.

I’d like to help provide some clarity and resolution to Sleep Apnea questions/concerns. I can’t diagnose or medically advise anything here, but the educational value may help some of you.

I help my patients diagnose and treat the full spectrum of sleep symptoms with holistic, non-pharmaceutical treatment. So I’m here for you on Reddit as well 👍

If you’d like more info about my background/clinic, you can visit the link in my profile.

<using personal account for practicing sleep specialist Amer Khan, MD>

Edit: Thanks for the warm welcome everyone — I’m reading your questions and will be answering them today!

Edit 2: Started answering some questions, but if I haven’t responded to you yet I will get to it soon!

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