Hello, this is going to be a long post so get ready. I am currently a male 21 years old, I am 5”5-5”6 and my weight is 155 Ibs. For the past almost 7 months, I’ve been going through a variety of symptoms which led me to many doctors with positive results. It all started when I would have daily sore throats and headaches that we’re on and off for a couple of weeks. They we’re minor and I didn’t pay any attention to it because over the counter medicine would help. Then a month later which is in April I ended up flying home due to everything being online and had to quarantine for 2 weeks at a hotel (required for everyone). My sore throat and headaches ended up coming back and then I felt like I had a fever or I was just really warm even though I had temperature checks and I came out okay. Then one night while laying in bed for no reason, I started having heavy breathing/shortness of breath problems for like 5 minutes then it all went away. The next day, I was also exercising for like 5 minutes and then I felt out of breathe. So I assumed that there was something wrong with me and I caught covid.

A week later, I arrived home I had no symptoms of anything and everything was fine. Then one morning I woke up, I felt very different. I felt like I was “drunk” and my head felt so foggy. I felt like I was high even though I didn’t do anything before. I told my parents and they said wait a couple of days to see if it went away. I ended up worrying more because it didn’t go away so I went to a local COVID-19 testing and got tested. I ended up negative. Then as the days and weeks go by my symptoms consisted of low back ache, neck ache, shoulder aches, headaches, runny nose, Eustachian tube dysfunction which included clogging ears and tinnitus. The drunk feeling and brain fog we’re 24/7. On top of that I was so tired. So this is when I began to go crazy and worrying.

I went to my GP doctor and did blood tests for thyroid,vitamin deficiency,anemia, and did a UTI test as well. Results came out clean and nothing was wrong. My doctor said I was healthy but besides that my blood pressure has risen to 140/80 I believe. Some days it’s low and some days it’s around that. He said maybe I had anxiety and gave me antidepressants which nothing helped and I don’t believe I have any depression/anxiety issues. He referred me to a Neurologist because I kept complaining about the headaches and brain fog/drunkness. I did a MRI brain scan and took migraine medication which did help. My MRI scan was clean and nothing was wrong. I was then referred to a ENT doctor because my Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, runny nose, tinnitus when biting down, and clogged ears when eating we’re still present. Doctors believed it was “chronic sinus” so I took amoxcillin, nasal sprays, OTC medication, and corticosteroids…..nothing helped. Did a sinus CT scan and came clean nothing was wrong. So I thought my wisdom teeth was the problem so I went to the dentist and pulled my bottom wisdom tooth. I also told my dentist I was experiencing some jaw pain and crunching noises. I was still able to open my mouth and chew though. He did a simple TMJ test with his hands on my jaw and found nothing wrong. So I also ended up going to a chiropractor and apparently my pelvis is tilted so I’ve been visiting and my neck/back/shoulder ache has gone away. But my brain fog/fatigue/runny nose/ETD/post nasal drip/ groggy/ drunkness is still present.

Then I asked myself if maybe any sleeping disorders have anything to do with this. My current symptoms as of now would be waking up groggy almost everyday no matter how much sleep I would get, runny nose, ETD, brain fog/feeling drunk, post nasal drip like some mucus is in my throat , and I feel tired. New symptoms have came which would be stomach pain sometimes and it felt like I have some sort of acid reflux? I’ve been experiencing some pain below my chest. Another symptom would be breathing heavy at night when sleeping and sometimes breathing with my mouth. Like I would breathe normal sometimes and then there would be times where I am breathing fast and heavy. Apparently, I asked my parents if I snore and they said I do which does wake them up when we would go on family vacations and it has also disturbed my roommate. I’ve been snoring for years apparently. I asked my dad if it was sleep apnea and he said no because I told him I don’t experience the “waking up grasping and choking for air”. One of my relatives has sleep apnea but doesn’t have any serious symptoms and meanwhile I’m here feeling like I am drunk 24/7 and tired. I am still able to do stuff like get out of bed, go to the beach all day, go on walks and exercise. But the feeling of fatigue, brain fog, and feeling drunk is always with me and I try to ignore it when I do everything but it’s with me. I’ve been researching and I’m scared that I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Should I consider doing a sleep test to see if I have sleep apnea or Upper airway resistance syndrome? I’m just tired of making my family spending all of this money if at the end of the day no one can’t find what’s wrong with me. Also, I just don’t get how body aches (back, neck, shoulder), jaw pain or TMD, acid reflux, and sinus problems are contributed to any sleep disorders….I feel like I am going crazy can someone please help me? I’d rather have all of my symptoms without the brain fog/fatigue/feeling drunk/grogginess and live my life….I feel like a zombie and I feel detached and spaced out. All of my friends are living their lives yet and yet I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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