22 yo male here. 6’1. Eat fairly healthy and have never been overweight. Here are my symptoms-

-severe brain fog. -extreme difficulty concentrating. Can hardly read a paragraph – daytime sleepiness: never dozed off but i take a nap in the middle of the day even with 8+ hrs of uninterrupted sleep. Also sometimes i get very sleepy in the car. -i snore a little bit. -zero motivation -absolute crap memory. – i also have a deviated septum. And asthma

Is this enough to talk to my doctor about? Im at my wits end with this brainfog nonsense. Ive had it for about four years and its destroying my life. I’ve had a brain mri that came up clean. Bloodwork is fine. No deficiencies or thyroid issues. Heart is fine. The last thing on my list is sleep apnea and im hoping its a good fit.

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