I recently decided to try breathe right strips because my friend was talking about how he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I realized that my snoring and stopping breathing might not be as normal as I figured.

Literally the first day I woke up completely without depression and anxiety, I’ve had both for 20 or so years, and the effects haven’t stopped at all, they almost seem to be ramping up, I’m actually happy and confident for the first time I can even remember.

I don’t see this as being a very common thing with people going on cpap or treating nasal issues. This has more of a profound effect than any drugs or even alcohol to the point that I don’t even want to drink anymore. My Doctor says I’m too young to have sleep apnea (28) so I cant get any official medical advice. I was just wondering if anyone has an idea how this could be effecting me so strongly.

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