I have been using a Resmed AirSense 10 Auto for about 17 months, and while the first few weeks were simply blissful, I haven’t ever been able to get back to that. I’ve been using a Dreamwear Nasal gel pillows, and prefer to breathe out of my nose.

While in the beginning, I was so tired that I just let the air blow into my lungs (which was such a relief), I really can’t seem to find that comfort. I find myself fighting to relax and breathe with the machine. I end up sucking air, and waking up with bloating/burping.

I feel it is compounded now by sinus pressure and allergies, which I still haven’t gotten control of, so currently the morning is nausea (from post-nasal drip)

Has anyone else had this experience? Any tips for machine adjustments, or body adjustments, to…harmonize with the machine?

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