35, M, 155lbs, 5′ 11″. A used auto bipap is $600-$800. Had sinus surgery 2 months ago, balloon sinuplasty, septoplasty and turbinate reduction.. Can breathe better out of nose but still not sleeping any better. In 3 weeks will be my follow up to see what they recommend. I had an appt today with a different sleep doctor. He said with my AHI of 5.5 that he doesn’t think I need one but recommended other things to help. Plus they said I would end up having to try a regular cpap anyways. Going to do a in lab sleep study soon by them. I’ve tried everything to help for sleep and nothing helps. Sometimes wake up with a headache. Usually wake up once per night to go to bathroom. I have a history of sinus congestion, sinus infections, bruxism, reflux and anxiety.

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