On the record I’m down as having obstructive apnea, but I have a hell of a time adjusting to the CPAP (even in A-flex). I find that whenever I try the CPAP, I have instances of central apneas just as I’m falling asleep. I’ll be dozing off, exhale, and then my breathing reflex will just…stop. It’s like I’m holding my breath in my sleep, almost. I’ll jolt awake and repeat the process. This is something that doesn’t happen (as far as I know) when I’m not using the CPAP at all. It doesn’t help that with the CPAP running, my breathing gets unnaturally slow and deep, and I still feel like I’m suffocating. I try to make my breathing more natural and I can’t. I don’t know why.

The last time I used the CPAP, I was recorded as having three central apneas in an hour, which my doc said he isn’t concerned about. I’m concerned about it though. For one, it freaks me out. Two, I would love to be able to actually sleep a night with the mask on, as opposed to ripping it off in my sleep after an hour. I don’t see myself ever adjusting to the CPAP, and I’d rather be using it because I’ve got a few budding health issues that could really be helped with this frigging treatment.

My doctor talked about letting me try a BIPAP, and I guess my only question is would it help at all with my obstructive sleep apnea? Is it dangerous to switch to BIPAP when I have both apneas going on, or do I actually have a chance at success with this?

I don’t know if this is relevant, but I’m a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper. Usually a side sleeper. If I ever end up on my back it’s an accident, and it doesn’t happen often. So I don’t know how much of a concern OSAs are at this moment, though I’m sure they could still happen.

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