I haven’t been tested for sleep apnea because my doc immediatly saw I have deviated septum and I had surgery for just that. But my sleep apnea symptoms are NOT gone.

I actually feel some 15-20% improvement since the surgery but I am very much still tired and sleepy. I also have recessed chin and overbite. I think that would he the cause of sleep apnea if I had it. Not my nose.

Also, right side of my nose is bit longer than my left side. Since I had the surgery it actually feels there is something stuck in my nostrils deep inside, but I’ve cleaned it with all the possible products there are on the market. It hasn’t helped at all. In fact sometimes it feels worse after I try to clean it.

Can deviated septum even cause sleep apnea symptoms? My doc said it was very deviated, he wanted me to get the surgery asap. And since the surgery I DO have bit more energy, my workouts have improved. But the brain fog, low energy, sleepyness, feeling tired when wake up, have not.

Also if I close one of my nosetril and breath through the other one, it feels my nose is too tight, idk. It is hard to breath and this makes me feel my nose really isn’t wide(?) Enough to breath normally.

Also after I had surgery when my doc was cleaning my nose with some tool that sucks out the things in the nose… Few times he made me bleed. And whenever I bleed from my nose like that, my breathing felt better afterwards. But only for short period of time.

What’s happening with me?

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