I’ve recently been experiencing a set of symptoms, and my doctored has run bloodwork and said everything is fine. But I’m looking at my symptoms and wondering if it may have something to do with sleep apnea.

I’m currently experiencing:

  • Snoring at night
  • Irritability throughout the day / short-temper
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking up 2-3 times at night
  • Occasional headache upon waking in the morning (happens maybe once a month)

However, I don’t really have any extreme fatigue or sleepiness throughout the day. I’m not nodding off while driving, or falling asleep in my chair while studying or working. I pretty much feel fine throughout the day and my energy levels seem normal.

I also have vivid dreams at night and can remember them the next morning, which I’ve been told happens in REM sleep, which people with sleep apnea apparently can’t experience (not sure if this is accurate).

Could this still be sleep apnea? Or does the lack of extreme daytime sleepniess rule it out completely?

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