I’ve noticed the belief that I could have Sleep Apnea gets stronger during certain seasons, as the weather gets colder and the humidity increases.

One example is Autumn, when it can switch from hot, dry weather to cold, damp, humid weather fast.

Could it be possible therefore that either the release of Allergens, or some allergens that are more prevalent or I am more allergic to at particular times of the year, Humidity, or Coldness could be either causing or contributing a little or significantly to my Sleep Apnea.

Some of the symptoms I’ve noticed as it got colder are: I feel tired throughout the day; I wake up with an awful taste in my mouth in the mornings that will only go away with food and lots of water, which I havent had in the summer; I wake up with a ridiculousy stuffy nose and postnasal drip; I have lower energy throughout the day. I am waking up a lot later than I did in Summer. I have signs of teeth bruxism that I never had before, and I have more prominent jaw ache.

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