I woke up one night at 4am sleeping on my back with a racing heart and struggling to breathe. This happened in February and I’ve been struggling with constant tachycardia ever since. My heart rate lying down is usually between 95-110. It used to be a solid 75 (I’m a little chunky). When I’m casually up and about it can be between 120-130. Cleaning the bathroom leaves me winded with chest pains and hr of 160. While it’s not as terrible as it could be, it’s a bit exhausting.

I saw a cardiologist who ordered an echocardiogram and I wore two Holter monitors. They found nothing abnormal. My tachycardia and tremors prompted my new PCP to ask me about my sleep patterns and I have many sleep apnea symptoms like anxiety, low-grade depression, mouth breathing at night, daytime fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, and concentration issues. I’m overweight but also small at 5’2”. I also have a small mouth, large tongue, small nose, etc.

My tachycardia prompted my doctor to order a sleep study and ask about my sleep habits. It’s TBD. I wanted to go to a sleep specialist because I realized how I sleep is weird. They diagnosed me with insomnia and restless leg syndrome. If I do have sleep apnea, I wanted to have the specialist on my team.

Anyway, they said that there really isn’t a good link with tachycardia and sleep apnea. Has anyone experienced something similar to me? Does anyone have resources that might explain why my PCP and cardiologist to suggest this but not the sleep doctor? She’s at the Cleveland Clinic and very well-known so it’s interesting to hear her say that.

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