Hello community,

I was at the hospital today for something like a pre-check before doing a 3-day long sleep test. The doc hooked me up to this machine for 10 minutest and turned it on. While I had the mask on I felt how when I breath in, the machine would support me, but as soon as I’d exhale it would stop pushing the air into my lungs.

So as I understand it, that’s a BiPAP machine, right? I’m asking because at this point I’m just going to buy a machine from my countries craigslist because I can no longer bear waking up with the feeling of being hangover every single day…also the sleep study is due to late April 2021 so yeah, want to take matter into my own hands.

Could you help me identify the machine so I can buy the exact same one? Anything else I have to look for in used machines?

Btw: I’m a skinny, fit dude and my hometest said I had an AHI of 7…so not that bad, but still, I wake up gasping for air, fatigue all through the days and a brainfog kind of depression. Bloodwork is perfect and my head has been scanned too, no problem there. I’m tending to UARS but here in Germany the docs don’t really know about it.

Thank you all queens and kings!

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