Im a 21 Year old Male

I never really had problems falling asleep until 2 years ago where I started to put pressure on myself, if I don’t sleep I will not be able to do this and that. I first thought I had insomnia but now that I saw the Syndroms for sleepApnea I think I got it.

Im skinny and I don’t snore I got a nasal septum curvature. My dad has is too and he don’t got sleep problems.

I need to piss sooo many times in the night

I feel dizzy during the day and at work i make these small mistakes sometimes.

I got headaches since 3 weeks every day.

And I can’t fully sleep the whole night without waking up and taking a piss or using nasal spray. Do I got sleep apnea or is my nose badly fucked. Cause the doctor said my nose had no space cause it’s so tight in there. THANKS FOR READING ! Any comments are well appreciated!

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