I’ve known for years that I was having sleep apnea. Finally did something about it and scheduled a sleep study. AHI 18 one night, 21 the next.

Monday I took home a CPAP, well technically an APAP, a Philips Dreamstation 2.

First night was not so good. Slept some with it, but it was hard to fall asleep, and after waking in the middle of the night, was unable to get back to sleep with it.

Second night was a lot better. I slept six hours and woke feeling well rested. I got a little sleepy a time or two during the day, but didn’t take a nap, something I normally do every day.

Last night I had almost seven hours of excellent sleep, interrupted by bathroom breaks. No problems going back to sleep. My AHI for last night was 3.5.

It’s an amazing feeling.

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