I’ve been using my CPAP machine for half a year now and I’d say there were only two days where I felt SUPER rested… I’m referring to those days where you can actually feel like you’ve rested and that you still feel woozy but good in the morning. And the rest of the months I didnt notice anything different.

I have a resmed Airsense 10 and its pressure is currently set at 4. I’ve tried to up the pressure last night to 7, but it woke me up a few hours later and my throat felt very dry, so maybe I’ll set it back to 5 tonight.

But I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and how do I find out info on those rested days. Clearly the machine must be doing something right and I must be doing something wrong. Should I just set the pressure to a continuous 5 or just leave it as is with the auto settings? I’ve tried calling my doctor a few days ago about this but am still waiting for a response.

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