I have just been diagnosed to have severe obstructive sleep apnea with AHI of 22, longest apnea of 120 seconds. Looking at my throat with the tongue sticking out, the airway is indeed narrow. This sounds more serious than I thought, because all I was complaining about was snorting, especially when sleeping face up, or on the sofa. I am slender, age 64. I do not really feel dozy during the day. After this diagnosis, the doctor put me on a CPAP equipment for 2 nights. The clinic set this up for me, I took it home and turned it on when I slept. After the 2 nights trial, I complained to the doctor the equipment was not comfortable and I was not tolerating it. He then put me onto another equipment. Both times were without mask, just 2 rubber nozzles that I pushed into my nostrils. This second equipment was even worst then the first. Especially toward the morning, my throat was dry, I felt like my brain was starved of oxygen, and a bit of headache in the morning. I did not mind the straps and hoses or breathing in the unnatural air. The AHI dropped to 3 but I did not feel refreshed, in fact, quite bad. I was told some people do indeed have difficulty adapting to the equipment and that there is nothing else that could be done to help me. So I am lost as to what else I could do.

I have been reading a few of the postings here. It seems one has to keep twigging the equipment until one finds the sweet spot (pressure, etc)? It seems there is a getting-use-to-the-equipment process? Different type of masks may have different effects on the patients? One has to learn to read the statistics spewed out by the equipment and do the adjustment to suit oneself? Why did I feel so bad when the reading showed drastic improvements?

Would love to hear your advice and suggestions.

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