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External Benefits to CPAP?

Are there any noticeable physical benefits to using a CPAP machine? I have sleep apnea and was given a CPAP, couldn’t get used to it and put it in a box. Recently I pulled it out determined to use it since I don’t want health issues like high BP or stroke. While those are great reasons to use it, I also have terrible skin. Its red and oily and dull. I’ve been using the CPAP for about 2 weeks and it seems like my face looks a little better. Is this in my head or have you guys had external benefits as well with the CPAP?

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Sleep specialist in Washington, DC area

Does anyone out there live in the Washington, DC area and have a sleep specialist they like and would recommend? I’ve seen at least four across both GW and Medstar since my apnea diagnosis three years ago, and I just cannot find one I want to continue working with. Bedside manner is consistently terrible, and I feel like they’re constantly condescending to me (who needs that especially when they’re exhausted from sleep issues!?).

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Stop breathing and shock wake-up

Hello everyone , its pretty big post but for you to understand my problem and maybe give me some advice i had to go in detail. It would mean a lot to me if you read it all. ———-

So , Im waking almost every night , actualy almost jumping from bed instantly – its so fast . Like shock . In just a split second before i wake up i always think OK im dead and – like lituraly split second saves me from being dead . I know this maybe sound too much but its exactly how it feels / probably brain alert to wake up and catch breath ( below i will write about breathing issue ) This happen 1 to 5 times on average ( until i dive deep in sleep finaly ) after i wake up like that (before actual deep dive ) i dont really feel any pain or anything , sometimes my heart will go faster because of that but it comes back to normal within a minut and i just then fall asleep regularly and catch that at least 6 hours of sleep. Some nights lately, just before i fall asleep i can catch myself open mouth ( naturaly ) but not breathing. I never though this can be possible because breathing is like on autopilot so i think i stop breathing during sleep and after i loose all oxigen brain wakes me up to catch a breath. But i never taking a breath on wake up like i was drowning – just a little fast inhale from shock wake up. From nose breathing part – i have deviation which make all of this even harder. I have couple of big stresses last 2,3 years so my question is , Can it be central apnea or some mental area that coming back in different negative shape. Fun thing is that im not tired during day , i train in gym a lot (4 days a week) and 5th cardio Im even doing daily/nigh shifts of 12 hours . I cant say im depresed/ at least i think im not becuase thats really broad topic ( i can be depresed no matter what im thinking , i know this from other people so that might me reason , Dont know …)
30 years old…. ———- If anyone else got this shock wakeups or similar I would like to hear your story or help tips. This going for half year now so will go to doctor soon as now its more relaxed in my country as corona slowly falling down, but just wanted to see from you as well. (Didnt catch covid btw,hopefully will stay like that 😉 ) Will go to pshytherapist as well.

Health in general is ok. I did almost all reasearches 2 years ago because i had dizzines for straight 15 days and cound function , I even did x-ray for head because i though i cought some serious problems, but all good there , that never came back again and it was because i did a lot of nightshifts and not even resting before shifhts and going out too much in same time , my brain just couldnt take kt anymore.

I think its good to add that 2 months ago i went 10 days straight without this problem and i though its over but from 11th day it keeps up happening …..

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How much better do you feel with treatment?

I suspect I may have some sleep disorder, and was wanting to get some info from people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, central or obstructive.

1, how much better do you feel after treatment? Be it cpap machine or something else that has helped the condition.

2, what was life like before? How did you feel daily?

3, did you feel better in the evening as opposed to morning?

4, did you suffer from brain fog? Or memory issues?

I just want to know that if I have the condition, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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First 3 night’s with CPAP, Some observations

Things have been improving and these are just some notes and knowledge that my past self would have appreciated.

It may sound weird but I find myself looking forward to sleep now.

Oddly enough, I have stopped having (or at least remembering) dreams. I am guessing that while I am getting more sleep it may not be as deep while my brain is figuring out how to deal with cpap. Maybe this will change later on?

I used to set 5 separate alarms to wake me in the morning bc I would literally sleep through them. Now I wake up with the first alarm and I don’t feel like I need to lay down longer.

I have adhd and I usually take 3 tablets throughout 1 day. Since using the cpap I have cut that down to 2 tabs. Hopefully I can get rid of those completely and just chalk up the adhd symptoms to out of whack brain chems due to apnea.

I feel more motivated to get things done such as chores and a few projects I started but never finished. I have been super productive while also having the energy/motivation to get stuff done. (For those familiar with “Spoon Theory” I feel like I have more spoons)

TMI but noteworthy Unexpectedly, my stools have been more solid and regular. Not sure what the heck that is about but I am happy for the change lol.

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Sleep study is a must

just got my in-lab sleep study results, it’s:

Supine AHI index: 27.6

non Supine:6.1


84 hypo-apneas, 3 obstructive, 1 mixed, 4 central

I am posting this because no one thought I had sleep apnea. I am 20 years old and I am not overweight. I don’t wake up at night, I don’t have headaches and dry mouth.

I Still don’t know if it’s the cause of my brain fog and daytime sleepiness because it’s not severe. but if you feel tired and suspect you might have sleep apnea, just go get a sleep study. Don’t doubt yourself because you don’t have to have the usual symptoms

sorry if the writing is bad, good night y’all

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Can one have sleep apnea if they’re not nodding off throughout the day?

I’ve recently been experiencing a set of symptoms, and my doctored has run bloodwork and said everything is fine. But I’m looking at my symptoms and wondering if it may have something to do with sleep apnea.

I’m currently experiencing:

  • Snoring at night
  • Irritability throughout the day / short-temper
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking up 2-3 times at night
  • Occasional headache upon waking in the morning (happens maybe once a month)

However, I don’t really have any extreme fatigue or sleepiness throughout the day. I’m not nodding off while driving, or falling asleep in my chair while studying or working. I pretty much feel fine throughout the day and my energy levels seem normal.

I also have vivid dreams at night and can remember them the next morning, which I’ve been told happens in REM sleep, which people with sleep apnea apparently can’t experience (not sure if this is accurate).

Could this still be sleep apnea? Or does the lack of extreme daytime sleepniess rule it out completely?

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Resmed 10 strange smell

I have a Resmed 10 and have been using it for a while now. I’m not the best at cleaning everything as regularly as I should, but I do fairly well.

The mask is cleaned almost daily in hot soapy water. The days it’s not cleaned, I usually use some citrus CPAP cleaning wipes on it. Sometimes don’t clean it at all, but this is the exception.

The water tank is removed, emptied and left out to dry frequently to prevent perpetual wetness that may encourage bacteria growth.

The hose is cleaned but not as much as it should be.

Everything is cleaned with white vinegar diluted in water…I guess occasionally and not as frequently as it should be 🙁

I started noticing a strange musty smell yesterday while using it that concerned me.

When I’m not using the machine and am cleaning the mask or put the water tank out to dry, I don’t smell it. I’m wondering of it’s something inside the machine itself.

Has anyone had this happen or know what it may be? Any ideas on diagnosing it?

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