I use nasal pillows.

After years of 0% large leak, I have noticed lately that I have been getting a lot of large leaks – 14%, 15% or even (last night) 29%. At first I thought this was a physical problem with the equipment and got a new heated tubing as well as a new mask. Leaks continued. I started taping my mouth. Leaks continued. What I have noticed is that it seems like on days when I use CBD oil for wrist pain – not at bedtime, often four or more hours before, but this stuff is absorbed slowly it seems – I get really bad large leaks.

I think the CBD is making me sleep through leaks that normally I would partially wake up and fix and then go right back to sleep with no memory of it. That is my hypothesis anyway. As I mentioned, last night I had 29% large leak. The night before, with everything else the same but no CBD, I had 3%. For the past several years before trying CBD, I had 0%.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. I have gone to bed after drinking before and had no leaks, and lower AHI to boot (I think alcohol suppresses REM sleep and reduces apneas – not that that leads to great sleep, just something I’ve noticed). I stopped checking for leaks awhile ago because for years they were always zero. Now, suddenly, they’re huge.

I’ve lost weight recently so if anything I weigh less than when I had 0% leaks.

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