Trying to understand the differences in presentation. I’m wondering if I have something more than OSA.

I’m waking up after four hours or so with a terrible ache and tiredness centered mid chest. Feels like I’ve been wrestling all night, And like I haven’t been breathing. Although it’s somehow different than a month or two ago, I’m not sure how to describe the difference, in my sleep deprived state. Almost like it used to be more acute or active, sometimes I would be gasping for a bit after waking up, nowadays less so.

I’m definitely overweight, so there’s that.

I also have an oral appliance (MAD) and still wake up with symptoms with it, and some days I really wonder if it’s doing much at all. Snorelabs app does catch some rather quiet snoring without it, and very little with it.

But then there’s also somewhat frequent what I’ll call labored breathing sounds, just not that sound like the classical snore.

also I did just have triple nasal surgery three weeks ago to improve nose breathing. And it’s still a bit swollen, but I subjectively feel like I breathe better through the nose during the day than before.

i’ve really struggled with CPAP, but I did manage four hours or so with it last night. I think it was better but I was too sleepy on antihistamines to know for sure, and I took it off, fell asleep and woke up definitely aching and adrenaline going an hour later. Hardly slept after that.

I was just comparing notes with my dad who has both central and obstructive and an AHI over 70.

I’d be glad to hear anyone’s thoughts. I’m hoping to get my next appointment moved up sooner.

Edit – I meant to add that I’m finding myself very short of breath during the day now also.

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