I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea earlier this year and I always had a pretty strong case of bruxism aswell. I’m 3 months into treatment now and it’s been going pretty well for the most part, I’m using nasal pillows and taping my mouth shut at night because my mouth just hangs open and that kinda ruins everything. My AHI is usually between 1-2 and I get plenty of hours. But recently I’ve been waking up to these huge sounds like I smashed my teeth together or something. And today I woke up and I have a pretty large chip on one of my incisors that im kinda upset about.

I’ve been reading up on similar experiences and it seems like most people’s bruxism greatly improves once the CPAP starts working, so I wanted to ask if anyone else has had their bruxism continue like mine. I think I need to see a dentist for a nighttime mouth guard 🙁

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