I have used my CPAP fairly religiously for the past 5+ months. My AHI with the machine is usually between 2.3-3.4. (The majority of these events are hypopneas)

I no longer feel sleepy. However, I experience debilitating brain fog and I struggle to do routine activities at times.

I do not understand why I feel this way. I have had extensive blood work done. I have had a home and in-lab sleep test done. My sleep apnea is extremely borderline. In-lab results only showing an AHI of 5.2 per hour. PLMD index of 22. (I did a 3 week trial of pramiprexole but had no good results) I know people who have AHIs far above mine and feel fine.

I recently started Provigil. While that has had a slight positive impact. I’d really like to feel 100% again and feel like there is an underlying cause that is treatable.

I’m not sure if any other information is needed to give me direciton. But, I’m mainly wondering if anyone has any advice on what I could do next.

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