So I have severe OSA (83 events per hour and I’m 25, RIP). I’ve been using my cpap daily for the past 3 years, and for the first two I never got more than an hour logged on my ResMed because I would rip it off between 1-2 hours in and wake up in the morning with my mask off. Tired 24/7.

For whatever baffling reason though, after I met my fiancé last January I started tolerating my cpap mask all night (would love a full 8-9 hours) whenever I slept in the same bed as her. Now, fast forward a year and having lived together since last April, I’ve been ripping my cpap off every night again for two weeks—multiple times a night—again. No clue what the confounding variable is

The loud snoring when I rip off my CPAP, the whush of air from me disconnecting my mask, and her being unable to wake me up to put my mask back on/me being combative and speaking nonsense while half-asleep is starting to impact my relationship heavily. I need advice on how to tolerate my mask again, or make it literally irremovable unless I’m fully conscious.

What I’ve tried: – I have PTSD, hence the combativeness while half asleep. Have tried Prezosin and various sleep meds for it, didn’t previously make me any better able to tolerate the mask. Have undergone extensive effective therapy and an on an ideal set of meds now, still this is happening.

-used to wear what I call “hand socks” (wool socks I folded my hands into before I went to sleep. Worked for six months a year and a half ago, about to try this again, but eventually unconscious me learned to take the socks off of my hands and this isn’t a longterm fix

-not a candidate for Inspire to the sheer severity of my OSA (83 hypopneas/hour)

Tl;dr: have 83 events per hour, not a candidate for inspire because of it, can’t tolerate my CPAP and I can’t get a new sleep study/ENT appointment for months. What do

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