I have a newer comfier dreamwear mask and nasal pillows (don’t think the type has affected much in regards to waking)

I also have my device set to a low constant pressure of 4 as I don’t appear to need much to keep my AHI to 3 or less

I use a chinstrap which has helped dryness and waking due to mouth opening

I’m using lotion to help keep the pillows from chafing

For the life of me, I can’t determine why this keeps happening after weeks of trying. When I do wake up I feel “uncomfortable” in the mask and take it off yet I can comfortably sleep with the dreamwear and chinstrap no problem when in the past the past headgear and mask combinations drove me crazy.

The timing is extremely consistent too.. 4 hours is the absolute max on average if I can make it to that point.

Perhaps it has to do with some part of REM sleep even though I believe I don’t wake at that interval without cpap.


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