When I was a kid I would wake throughout the night not being able to breathe and it freaked my parents out enough that I had tonsils, adenoids and tissue in nose removed which they believe solved the issue. As an adult I now have issues with fatigue, brain fog, treatment resistant depression/anxiety and poor sleep quality.

I recently had a sleep study (attached here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XtufFPljHSxS_GrRJf28vcPq1-UlkCen/view?usp=sharing) and the physician diagnosed me with mild apnea and recommended I get on CPAP. However when I asked her whether it might be UARS she didn’t know what UARS was and was very salesperson-ey on me buying their one specific $3700 APAP machine so I decided to get second opinion.

2nd doctor thought there was no point in treating mild apnea and thought the excessive leg movements must be causing the issues and wants me to take medication for restless leg syndrome.

I did have a lot of leg movement but they correlated with the apneas so my opinion is leaning towards the apneas causing the restless legs and not the other way around. I also read a study (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29031750/) that showed 71% of people that had both RLS and sleep apnea had their RLS resolve partially or fully when the apneas were treated.

So I don’t fully trust what either doctor has concluded. What do I do now lol? See a 3rd specialist? Buy the overpriced APAP machine even though it might not be the best if I have UARS? Go on RLS medication and forget about apneas?

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks for reading through my rant.

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