Hello everyone, I’m a 19 year old female (5’7ft, ~125lbs). I’ve been suffering from severe nocturnal bruxism for about 15 months and it has caused my teeth to wear down a lot. I now wear a night guard, but the damage is already done. Other symptoms that I’ve noticed over the last ~6 months is increased sleepiness during the day (I do not nap, or fall asleep during the day, I just yawn OFTEN), increased anxiety, constantly cold feet and hands, muscle twitches during the day and especially when falling asleep, very poor sleep/insomnia for about 2 months. I should also mention that I had heart palpitations and a racing heart beat that went up to 120’s and lasted about 5 days (that happened in February) . I had a blood test done – no thyroid issues or deficiencies, only an increase in hemoglobin. The wear on my teeth indicates a protrusive movement of the mandible – my lower incisors would hit/rub against the palatal surface of my top incisors. Currently I am on antidepressants (Valdoxan) that helped with my insomnia quite a bit, but the daytime sleepiness and muscle twitches are still present. I do not snore, yet I toss and turn during the night. I also once woke up gasping/shouting? about a month ago (i didn’t make any noise, it just felt like I was shouting). All of these symptoms made me think that it just can’t be simply caused by stress. I’ve become so lethargic, emotional and straight up sad. I’m nowhere near to being overweight and my blood pressure is always lower than the norm. Could this be sleep apnea or a similar breathing disorder? Thanks in advance!

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