Long story very short: I’m experiencing lots of nerve-related symptoms, from facial pain and numbness to leg pain to feet buzzing, etc. Lots of blood tests and CT’s show nothing. I’ve seen dentists, an ENT and a rheumatologist with no answers. Now I’ve seen a neuro, and instead of letting me have an MRI (I’ve never had one), they’re saying this is all caused by sleep apnea, which I’ve not had a test for but just said to them I’ve self-diagnosed that I’ve had it (in past years I’ve woken up with pulse racing, dry throat, woken myself up with my own snoring, that kinda thing).

This seems… weird to me? I would totally expect apnea to cause fatigue, fog, sleepiness, even chronic conditions. But throbbing pain and then numbness in the face?

I know I’ve def had apnea in the past since I’ve woken up with pulse high, dry mouth, etc. I’ve lost 30 lbs since then, and that hasn’t even happened this year that I can remember. I’m not tired in the day anymore, in fact my nerves feel too overdriven.

I’m going through with the test, and I’ll try a mask if needed. But I’ve never heard of sleep apnea causing issues like this before, and especially to jump to this conclusion before an MRI. Is this a thing?

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