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Could this be OSA? – iDunmed

Hey everyone,

So basically I have ADHD (recently diagnosed) which seems to be getting worse. My memory seems to be declining and I am in a constant state of fatigue. My sleep is interrupted at least once every night, and for a long time I had believed this to be due to stress/anxiety. Though I am not a stressed or anxious person, my dreams always seem to be of that theme. Therefore, I have gone many years thinking that my sleep interruptions were down to some suppressed emotions. However, I have recently read that these dreams could be manifesting themselves as stressful due to a lack of/ dip in oxygenated blood, eventually leading me to awaken abruptly.

When I awaken each morning, I take a good 30 mins to an hour to fully get up. I feel a pressure in my head and intense brain fog. This tends to subside a bit as the day goes by but not fully. I tend to struggle in formulating sentences and remembering words etc but this could just be due to my adhd, but then again I do not recall being this bad in my early teens.

Recently I have been looking into OSA as it was suggested by a friend and was wondering what you guys thought.. if there are any similarities in symptoms.

Just to note I am 22 year old male. Healthy weight etc. Though I have a slight deviated septum.


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