I had a very strange episode happen to me the other day. My husband woke up at 7:30am to find me breathing strangely, taking a quick short breath in followed by a long, noisy around 7 second breath out and I was unresponsive to him trying to wake me. After about 20 mins and calling for the paramedics he was able to get me to respond but my arms were flailing around and I was asked if I knew where I lived and got the town wrong and couldn’t remember what year we are in. The paras arrived and did the Stroke assessment test and said it didn’t appear I’d had a stroke. I was taken to the A&E where I spent the day. I don’t remember much about what happened due to being in and out of consciousness I think? I had an MRI that I remember and was allowed to leave the hospital as the results of the MRI were clear. I had an echo cargiogram the next day and my dr said the results of that were good, no structural defects of the heart and no evidence I’d had a heart attack, So no stroke or heart attack. My dr said it could have been a TIA (mini stroke) or sleep apnea. My next test in a couple of weeks is a home sleep apnea test. I do know that for a few years I’ve had many experiences of waking up usually after half of hour of falling asleeep being suddenly woken up by the feeling of not breathing. I usually jump up and it feels like my heart has stopped beating and I can’t get my breath then I can breath normally once again. This can happen once during sleep or sometimes several times during sleep. I can go months without waking up or it continues for weeks at a time. Has anyone EVER experienced this type of episode and has sleep apnea? I’m scared of having another incident. Thank you.

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