I posted in here before and I appreciate all the help I was given. I’ll happily share all my info for what my test results were two years ago (i only now have the means to get my cpap with all the help offered so my results are two years old)

I have an appointment on tuesday next week and Ill get my machine!! I’m so excited and so terrified. I have so really dumb fears on this and some possibly valid ones? So i just have questions.

What mask is the best for me to have movability in bed? Can I even really spoon or cuddle with my partner anymore? Also when I was doing the sleep study (they had me do an at home one) i took off the equipment a lot apparently… so i want something that goes on my nose and doesnt cover my face fully but also stays the heck on in my sleep or lets me move..

My doc says my tongue relaxes and moves back in my throat and thats whats cutting off my air possibly? So can I even get a mask that goes over just my nose?

Also heres the dumb questions/my biggest dumbest fears that come with getting the cpap..

If my cpap somehow doesnt work out right or shuts off when im sleeping.. can i suffocate (if its over my full mouth and nose or something) while I’m sleeping? Can the tubing get tangled around me and strangle me when I sleep?

Any warnings or good things I should know also?

Ive seen so many people post saying it makes them more tired and its awful, the cpap i mean, and I just dont want that to happen to me.. i want it to work. I really do.

Please and thank you for all your help everyone. Sorry about the dumb questions. Im very anxious and excited.

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