Has anyone tried the oral appliances? I guess they are just like mouth guards, but they claim to be an alternative to CPAP or BiPAPs.

Such as this: https://www.timelessmatter.net/products/sleep-apnea-mouthpiece-anti-snore-mouthpiece-for-snoring?gclid=CjwKCAjwy42FBhB2EiwAJY0yQtey7qzL6hZ53OZiGt11KuxFzx52G89BcISwawC51R85HfrM9WRkzRoCUqcQAvD_BwE

My boyfriend is stoic and stubborn, and refuses to do a sleep study. BUT…. I know he stops breathing during sleep, so I”m trying to figure out another option.

Any experiences with oral appliances/special mouth guards like this designed for sleep apnea?

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